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Sweet Kisses

Primula Sweet Kisses is a cheerful winter bloomer with beautiful bright green firm leaves and cheerful flowers. The colours are either soft or very bright and give you a happy Spring feeling.

As the flower ages, the colour becomes more intense. Along with the new, bright flowers this gives a beautiful, playful effect.

'Sweet KissesĀ®' has been bred to contain no 'primin,' the irritant contained in other varieties. Even people who are allergic to regular primula are now able to enjoys these cheerful plants around the home.

chrysabella assortiment


Berkhout Plants is a nursery growing potted chrysanthemums from the Chrysabella collection.

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There is a Chrysabella plants to suit every season, and they are suitable for keeping indoors or outdoors.

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Chrysabella potted chrysanthemums are very easy plants to care for.